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Charlie Charlton
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Journalist. Presenter. Advocate for the North East.

Charlie Charlton is a super-connector who's helping to sculpt a new narrative for the North East. Her work includes curating and hosting sell-out events, as well creating content for film, podcasts and socials.

On this page you can find Charlie Charlton's official bio, along with a selection of images licensed for press use.

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Charlie Charlton Official Bio 

Charlie Charlton is a journalist, presenter and prominent advocate for the North East.

Charlie is helping to sculpt a new narrative for the region, by curating and hosting sell-out events, whilst creating content for film, podcast and social media. In-depth storytelling is at the heart of Charlie’s work, with conversations centering around business, collaboration and social impact.

Charlie has a wealth of experience in award-winning live broadcasting and events. Having spent almost 20 years working in daily news for national and regional outlets, Charlie has interviewed Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State and global CEOs; holding to account regulators and governing bodies. Charlie’s led discussions with leading academics, sports stars and celebrities: from best-selling authors and scientists, to chefs, actors and musicians.

 BBC Editor:” “Outstanding broadcasting...warm, relaxed, clear, witty and with authority” 

Through her current work as Community Engagement Manager for Newcastle Helix (a world-leading Innovation Hub), Charlie brings diverse people together with a focus on innovation and talent pipelines. As a super-connector, she works tirelessly to build strong, trusted relationships as the bedrock for collaborative work.

Charlie believes the North East’s superpower is its people. While she is known for championing others’ successes, Charlie will also ask the difficult questions to help drive the region forward and grow opportunities for future generations. 

Charlie is also passionate about deepening the connection between education and industry. She produces and presents films and events alongside primary and secondary schools, to encourage entrepreneurship and build links with business.

Charlie was shortlisted for the prestigious Northern Power Women Awards 2023 - Agent of Change.
Charlie is very proud to be a Patron of Changing Lives, a national charity supporting vulnerable people and families experiencing homelessness, addiction or abuse.​

Click here to check out Charlie’s LinkedIn. 

Licensed Image Gallery

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